Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

The experienced contact lens staff at West Texas Eye Associates work with patients of all ages. Our contact lens specialists are licensed by the Texas Medical Board and certified by the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE). We expertly fit keratoconus patients,contact lenses for dry eye, those who require specialty contact lenses, and complex lens cases. We are considered the leading contact lens specialists in El Paso, TX.

Types of Contact Lenses

Technological advances have greatly improved and we prescribe contact lenses from all manufacturers. Disposable soft lenses, toric (astigmatic) soft lenses, bifocal lenses and gas permeable lenses are many of the types of lenses we prescribe and are selected based on the patients vision needs and comfort.

Below is a partial list of the leading contact lens brands:

* Accuve bifocal
* Air optix multifocal
* Purevision multi-focal
* Proclear multifocal
* Proclear multifocal toric
* Cibasoft progressive toric
* C-vue toric multifocal
* C-vue multifocal
* Horizon bicon toric
* Metrofocal toric
* Polyvue
* Horizon progressive
* Flexlens multifocal
* Soflens multifocal
* Unilens
* UCL multifocal
* Proclear ep
* Synergy wave
* HD2 , HDX2
* Focus progressives
* Frequency 55 multifocal